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Show Me the Simple Stuff

SUNDAY, JUNE 30  •  4 - 6 PM

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This first in a series of three classes is inspired by an email we received from the busy mom of a toddler whose fiance wants to lend a hand in the kitchen but lacks basic skills. Cooking is a skill, and like all skills, the more you practice the more confident you'll become. If you or someone you know struggles with the 'simple stuff" this class is for you!   

Together we'll prepare a sheet-pan meal, and while we prep you'll learn about basic methods of cooking, basic knife skills, and how to stock a pantry and refrigerator with common and useful ingredients. We'll talk about the most practical and multi-functional pots and pans, knives, and kitchen utensils to acquire. At the end of class we'll eat the meal you prepared and you'll take home the recipe. 

Onsite childcare will be provided for $5 per child. Wine and Lazy Monk beer available for purchase by the glass. 

For more information about this event, please contact Kristen Dexter at or 715-461-0082.

COST: 30.00

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