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Summer Soup Shots

WEDNESDAY, JULY 17  •  6 - 8 PM

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Join Forage Co-Owner Michelle as she shares her passion for soup making with you!  This fun class offers chilled soup recipes that sound like drinks served on a patio.  No soups will actually contain alcohol, but beer and wine may be purchased during class. If you're coming straight from work and are extra hungry, snacks and a smorgasboard will be offered at an additional cost (payable at event). The class will be divided into groups, and while each group makes a soup Michelle will offer soup and stock making tips. You'll eat the soups together after class while Michelle describes ways to alter soups that make them vegan or vegetarian and unique ways to top them for that extra wow factor. 

Sangrita Soup:  A marriage of tomato and fresh fruit with juices.  Heat it up a touch, add some fresh jalapeno or ancho chili and top with summer sweet corn salsa.

Cucumber Mojito:  Classic cucumber soup with mint to make it taste like a Mojito.

Pina Colada:  What says summer more than this favorite?  Pineapple with coconut milk plus peppers, onions, and cilantro makes this sweet treat a bit savory. 

Class is $45; with snacks $52.

For more information about this event, please contact Michelle Thiede at .

COST: 45.00

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