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Poke Bowl Class


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"Poh-kay" is a Hawaiian word meaning "to cut (into small pieces)" and the dish was created as a way to use cheaper cuts of fish. The fish, usually tuna or Hawaiian albacore, and traditionally is mixed with rice, onions, shoyu, seaweed, and other food from the sea. It's a casual dish and today is found on menus in such unlikely places as Missoula and Milwaukee.  

In this class we'll cut a fish into pieces from head to tail to use as the basis of our bowls. Various ingredients, such as rice, mango, avocado, mushrooms, pickled and fresh radishes, shallots, pickled ginger, macadamia nuts, a variety of vinegars and other condiments, will be on hand in order to let you customize your bowl. Tofu will be available for plant-based eaters. If we have time, we'll talk about quick pickling so you can make some of your own bowl condiments.

Beer and wine will be available for purchase by the glass. Class is $45 per person, with a maximum of 12 participants.

For more information about this event, please contact Kristen at or 715-461-0082.

COST: 45.00

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