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Show Me the Simple Stuff: Capatouille

THURSDAY, AUGUST 29  •  5 - 7 PM

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You've been to the Farmer's Market and have bags of produce. Now what??? This class will teach you how to take an assortment of vegetables, spices and condiments and make a dish called capatouille (cap-a-two-ee) which is a combination of ratatouille (a classic French vegetable dish) and caponata (an Italian version of the dish). Capatouille freezes well, can be used in many ways for quick and tasty dishes, and is also a terrific gift. I usually make a huge batch in late summer when farmer's markets are bursting with vegetables, and freeze jars of it to use as Christmas gifts. Using capatouille, we'll make homemade pizzas. We'll also discuss how to substitute ingredients, using what you have on hand in your pantry or fridge so you don't have to make an extra trip to the store. 



For more information about this event, please contact Kristen Dexter at or 7154610082.

COST: 30.00

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