Forage Eau Claire
Forage Eau Claire

A Space to Celebrate

host your events at Forage

We love watching people enter Forage for the very first time. It’s so bright and airy, with views of the Eau Claire River. The space is fresh and tidy and ready for whatever you bring into it – from a hundred dinner guests, to a pop-up restaurant, or a cozy cocktail party.

Space Amenities

  • 1200 sq. ft. dining room plus overflow space (capacity: 130 guests)
  • Wooden IKEA dining tables with extenders, chairs, stools
  • Three tap kegerator and bar
  • Wine cooler
  • Glass door beverage fridge
  • Uplights
  • Various tablecloths, napkins, curtains, candleholders, and other decorative items
  • Within the event space is a lounge area with an electric fireplace, futon couch, club chairs and tables. If you need the extra floor space, the lounge amenities can easily be moved and stored away.

What kind of events can I host at the space?

We host both small and large events with up to 120 people fitting comfortably in the space. Events we’ve hosted include but aren’t limited to business meetings, luncheons, baby and bridal showers, graduations, monthly fish fries, cooking classes, weddings and other ceremonies. For an example of the types of events we've hosted, go to both the Events page and Cooking Classes page and scroll down to View Past Events. (towards the bottom left side)

Do I have to use your staff for any food preparation?

You are not required to use our staff, but we are licensed and are always happy to be a part of your event! If you’re hosting a private event, you don’t have to have a license to serve food (for instance, for your father’s retirement party). However, if you’re making food for the public you must be licensed through the City-County Health Department.  If you’re licensed, you can bring in your own staff.

Do you have preferred vendors? If so, are we required to use them?

We have vendors we’ve worked with and trust, and we’d be happy to make a recommendation, but you aren’t required to use them.

Does the space rental include the kitchen? Or is that extra?

The kitchen, the large event space, and the smaller event space are all rented separately.

How late can we stay?

This all depends on how long you rent the venue. Alcohol is cut off at midnight but the venue can be rented past this time if desired.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes, we have a freight elevator for those who need it, but it’s necessary to learn how to use it properly or it might get stuck.

Who can I talk to for venue needs on the day of event?

The general manager of the kitchen and/or event space. It will depend on the event, but someone will be made available to you.

When can I have my vendors drop off rentals etc.?

This is dependent on when you are getting access to the space and what is worked out between your caterers. We allow access prior to your rental time if you clear it with a Forage representative.

Do you have a required food and beverage minimum?


Can we bring our own alcohol?

No. We are not licensed to sell spirits but we have a beer and wine license. However, all beer and wine must be purchased through us. We work individually with every customer to make sure they’re getting the customized food and drink they want for their event.

Do we have to clean-up following an event?

You can either clean after the event yourself, or we can clean for an agreed-upon fee and a forfeiture of your $100 deposit

Can you hold a date for me?

Yes, with a $100 deposit. It is refundable until you’re within a month of your event, and it can be applied to the final bill. 

Do you have a PA system for iPods or speeches?

We have Bluetooth speakers, but no PA system or microphones. They're on our wish list!!

Do you have a projector/TV for slide shows or presentations?

No, but they're on our wish list!

Can I decorate the space?

Yes, we encourage it! However, you must consult with us, especially if decorations involve nail or screw holes, paint, or anything that will permanently alter the walls, floors, etc. 

I'm planning a ticketed event. What are your suggestions for setting this up?

For an administrative fee we are happy to host the ticketing and customers will be able to purchase tickets from our website on their laptop or mobile device. Otherwise, there are several low-cost or free sites you can use. Many of our customers use Eventbrite, for instance.