Forage Eau Claire


aka our business incubator

Forage's Pop-Up is a perfect Eau Claire brick and mortar for your small culinary business to host a extended residency. Not only do you become a member of the Forage community, you have full access to all the amenities our full commercial kitchen has to offer. The Pop-Up at Forage is meant for those who are starting or seriously pursuing a food-based business.

Pop-Up Amenities

  • Single commercial convection oven
  • Double wide commercial coolers
  • Three compartment stainless steel sink
  • Flexible layout options
  • Access to all the main kitchen's equipment (find a full list on The Kitchen page)
  • Cold & dry storage (additional costs may apply)
  • Service counter, with room for stools
  • Room for 2-3 dining or cafe tables and chairs
  • Large wall-mounted chalkboard
  • Dedicated entrance, but connected to the rest of The Space
  • Gain access to business, marketing, and food safety seminars
  • Co-marketing opportunities with the Forage community
  • Wi-Fi, iMac, printer and other office equipment
  • Public restroom
  • Freight elevator

want to schedule a residency in our pop-up?
there's a few things we require first…

Create a Business Plan or Outline

A business plan is a written description of your business's future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Need assistance? We suggest contacting the Western Dairyland and Women's Business Center.

Legally Form Your Business

If you're a budding entrepreneur, a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC) will probably be the right fit for you. Information on creating a new business can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's website.

Start a Business Checking Account

After you have applied for your EIN# and legally formed your business, you'll be able to open a checking account! Having a bank account will not only give you a place to deposit all your hard-earned cash, it will help keep your finances straight for tax season.

Meet With the Health Department

Contact the city or county where your business will be located and inquire about the requirements and permits you need to help ensure safe dining experiences for your customers. The health department is located in Eau Claire's courthouse.

Print a helpful guide.

How does the Pop-Up differ from the event space?

The Pop-Up space is meant for those who are starting or seriously pursuing a food-based business. We expect that they will have set up a checking account, formed an LLC, and that they will have a basic business plan. They should come to us with a knowledge of their product, with some idea of how they’ll produce it, what their market might be, etc. These things don’t have to be 100% worked out, but the space is created for the people who are ready to roll with an idea or product. 

The event space is for single events or a series of events, such as a series of classes on nutrition. The event space is connected to the main kitchen which makes it ideal for parties, weddings, cooking classes or larger cooking demonstrations, and many other events. To see a variety of past events, go to both the Events page and Cooking Classes page, and click on View Past Events (towards the bottom left side)

Do I get my own key for entry?

Yes, you’ll have a key while you’re under contract for the space.

Do I have to bring my own POS system?

Yes, you have to bring your own system.

Am I allowed to sell beer or wine I make?

We don’t have an alcohol license for the pop up space. If you’re expecting a lot of people for a pop-up or dinner we can work out a deal for you to use the event space (where we do carry a beer/wine license)

What is my freedom and/or limitations in merchandising the space around my product?

We would love for you to merchandise the space around your product. We intend to co-market as much as we’re able to. We’d like to build a community around the pop-up space and use each other for the success of all.

How long can I use the Pop-Up space?

We don’t have a limit. Eventually, if you’re serious about your business, you’ll have to move out and establish your own space. However, there’s nothing in the contract about a time limit.

Can I hang art or retail displays on the wall?

We'll consider requests on a case-by-case basis.